up to $ 1,000


up to $4,000 maximum

MFM now offers a two-tier bonus on your deposit, which is combined to give you a considerable $5,000 on top of your investment amount, giving you the ability to start trading with more capital.

Instant credit on your deposit 


For MT4, Micro, Standard & Prime


For MT5, Micro account only                               

Applied to deposits from just $15

Non - withdrawable bonus

This credit is losable

*The MT5 Standard & Prime Account are not eligible to receive deposit bonuses.

Risk warning: FX and CFD trading involves a high risk of loss. T&Cs Apply

What is the Deposit Bonus?

The deposit bonus is a two-tier bonus offering 20% up to $1000 and 20% up to a maximum combined bonus amount of $4,000, or currency equivalent. Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any point in time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the removal of your trading bonus.

Who Can Claim This?

This bonus is automatically available for all clients who deposit funds into their trading accounts until the maximum bonus amount of $4,000 has been received.

20% First Time Deposit Bonus

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20% Recurring Deposit Bonus

tables mfm securities2-02.png

Frequently asked questions

What is 20% Deposit Bonus?

The 20% deposit bonus is a bonus offering with a maximum amount up to $4,000, or currency equivalent. Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any point in time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the removal of your trading bonus.

Which type of account that eligible to receive 20% Deposit Bonus?

Only these type of account that eligible for the bonuses:

  • MT4 Micro Account
  • MT4 Standard Account
  • MT4 Prime Account
  • MT5 Micro Account

How can I claim the Deposit Bonus?

It will be automatically credited into your trading account when you perform a deposit. In the event of Internal Transfer, you would not received the Deposit Bonus.

How much is the maximum amount capped for 20% Deposit Bonus?

For 20% Deposit Bonus, first deposit capped at 1,000USD and for second deposit capped at 4,000USD (cummulative)

How much is the total Deposit Bonus amount that I can received per account ID?

You can received up to $4,000 of Deposit Bonus per account ID.

Why I did not received the Deposit Bonus?

You may not received the Deposit Bonus when:

  • You deposit into MT5 Standard Account

  • You deposit into MT5 Prime Account

  • You perform an Internal Transfer from existing trading account to the new trading account

My deposit bonus is deducted from my trading account, why?

Bonus will be deducted from your trading account in the following conditions:

  • Any withdrawal made from your trading account
  • Internal transfer made between account
  • Your account reached Stop out Level

Does the Deposit Bonus support my trading account margin and floating?

Yes, the Deposit Bonus supports your trading account margin and floating position when the loss is greater than your Balance.

Can I withdraw the profit generated from the Deposit Bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw the profit generated from the Deposit Bonus.

Can the Deposit Bonus amount be withdraw?

No, you cannot withdraw the Deposit Bonus amount.

Can I choose not to receive the Deposit Bonus?

Yes you may. You need to request to opted out from receive the deposit bonus manually by using the Helpdesk function in your Vault.

Where can I find the detailed Terms & Conditions for Deposit Bonus?

You can find the details Terms and Conditions for 20% Deposit Bonus in Terms & Conditions.