Trade on Commodities

Find new opportunities in the global commodities markets with MFM Securities.  Trade oil, gold, silver and other CFDs online as a more flexible way to invest and diversify your portfolio.

New to Commodities Trading?

Trading CFDs on commodities is a more convenient way to access the commodities markets than purchasing the product outright. 


  • UK Brent oil (spot)

  • US crude oil (spot) 

  • US natural gas (spot)


The prices of oil and other energy products fluctuate according to a huge number of factors, including demand, supply and general confidence in the global economy.

Advantages of Commodities CFD at MFM Securities

  • Easier access to popular commodity markets

  • A fantastic way to diversify your portfolio

  • Low margin requirements



What is Commodities CFD Trading?

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is an agreement between the buyer and the seller. It means the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the commodity’s current price and its price at the point the contract specifies. By trading CFDs on commodities, investors are speculating whether the value of the instrument will rise or fall.

Choose Your Platform

Trade world biggest commodities on all any types of account offered by MFM Securities.  

Commodities CFDs are offered on all MFM Securities MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, and CTrader trading platforms.