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Demo Contest

Go all out in your trading!

With new increased prizes of 3,600 USD!


Image by Ryoji Iwata

Kamikaze Vol.5 Demo Contest starts from

19th October until 31st October 2020

Slice Away! May the best samurai wins! 

Top 3 Prizes

1st Prize

USD 700

 USD 800 

2nd Prize

USD 500

 USD 600 

3rd Prize

USD 300

 USD 400 

4th - 7th Prize

USD 200

 USD 300 

8th - 10th Prize

USD 100

 USD 200 

Step to win

    Trade and get the highest gain from

19th October 2020 until 31st October 2020.

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banner strip Kamikaze V5-1.jpg

Kamikaze Vol.5 Demo Contest Rankings

The ranking is updated every 1 hour.

This refers to MFM Securities Ltd Kamikaze V5 Demo Contest.

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