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When it comes to investing, shares are one of the principal asset classes.

You have the booking value of a stock (also known as share or equity) after deducting the liabilities from the company’s assets and dividing the result by the number of shares issued.


Stocks are important because they represent the real value of one’s stake in an investment. At MFM, you can trade 200++ Stocks CFDs.

Advantages of Trading Stock CFD at MFM Securities 

  • Direct access to thousands global equity market

  • Trade a minimum of one single stock (0.01)

  • Swap-free for all counters

  • Best leverages for trading

  • Trade with zero cost

US Shares

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What is Stock CFD?

CFD stands for ‘Contract for Difference’. It is a contract between two parties, typically known as the ‘buyer’ and the ‘seller’, over the price movement of a specific product. Simply put, the seller pays the buyer the difference between the present value of a share stock, commodity, index or currency and its value at the precise time that the contract was made.


So, when you trade CFDs on shares stocks, you are aiming to profit from the price movement of the shares stocks – instead of investing in the stock itself.

Trade Stock CFDs
with MFM Securities

Dividends, and any other positive events that affect companies, are passed directly to MFM Securities’ clients.